Hi there! 👋

We are a friendly bunch of qualified full-stack designers and coders 🤓

We specialise in creating smooth and engaging digital experiences.Clean visual design and reliable underlying code are our priority.

What we do 🤷‍♂️

We create functional web/mobile-based applications and craft beautiful brand identities for individuals, startups and established businesses.

Web Design & Development

Building smart and simple hand-made webpages from a scratch and implementing attractive modern templates using platforms such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Webflow and many other.


Creating delightful user interfaces which are natural and smooth. Our long-standing experience suggests that the right visual solutions lie in perfect balance of the form and function.

Brand & Identity

Conveying brand's message through strong visual language that is achieved using mathematical proportions, pixel-perfect grid, solid typography and well thought-out colour schemes.

Product Management

We offer post-production services such as hosting, SEO, PPC, social media, copywriting, etc. We always provide assistance to support and train our clients in order to establish healthy long-term relationship.

  • HTML 5

  • CSS 3

  • Bootstrap

  • Vector design

  • Javascript

  • jQuery

  • PHP

  • MySQL

  • Vue.js

  • Wordpress

  • Git

  • Smartphone apps

We love challenge!

We are open to any type of project and style of work.
We always finish what we start and deliver high-quality results.

How we do it 🤹

We have estabslished a solid project workflow that gets us efficiently and reliably from start to finish.

Project progress - 1

Meet & Plan

It all starts with a project brief. We talk through requirements and goals of your project and come back to you with an estimate and timeline. Our team put heads together to come up with the best strategy. We let you know the options you have in terms of how we intend to approach the project.

  • First, we talk through Skype or any messaging platform (WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.), at the same time the client sends us as much information and resources as possible.
  • We want to understand your requirements, business goals, what purpose needs to be served, who is the target audience and what kind of content is included on the website.
  • Next is determining milestones that align with the goals and fit within the budget (or an estimate is established), deadline and technical resources.
Project progress - 2

Design & Development

Let's get to work! This is when it all comes together. Creating sketches, wireframes, mock-ups, guidelines, logos, illustrations, posters and/or writing underlying code of the application, adding content, graphics and dynamic visual elements.

  • Putting a plan together based on the gathered information and requirements. Deciding on what technologies should be used to create the product (i.e. coding languages, platforms, frameworks, etc.).
  • Early on, relevant examples and content is gathered and structured into a moodboard to explore “what is possible”. Research into existing design patterns (i.e. UI/UX and theme/styles).
  • The designs are either provided through collaboration apps such as Invision or Material Gallery where the client can review the design mock-ups and provide contextual feedback, or they are simply uploaded on a cloud to view or download.
  • At this point, the collaboration between us and the client is most intensive, as the more feedback we get the better the final result and less tweaking/revision in the next development stage.
Project progress - 3

Test & Launch

Hooray, it is done! Once your application is live for your audience to view and use, continuous maintenance is necessary in combination with analytic tools.

  • This is when it all comes together. The design prototype is blended with functional code and database connections.
  • Establishing hosting and other necessary infrastructure services.
  • Performing cross-browser and device testing to make sure the product works on major mediums.
  • Maintenance / post-production services / ongoing management - web hosting, first-aid, analytics, SEO.

Who we have worked with 👨‍🚀

We work with individuals, sole traders, start-ups as well as large businesses.


"Amazing work, would recommend to anyone looking for a creative web developers."


"Good work from a smart and responsive team. I will definitely work with them again."


"Great experience, job was finished quickly and everything I had asked for was completed on time."

We have worked on a variety of projects spanning from presentation websites and CMS systems to branding guidelines and complex user interfaces.


See the outcomes of our coding efforts:


Check out our creative side:


Snippets from other ventures (WIP)

Expertise in ecommerce

Over the years we have developed a highly agile and customizable ecommerce platform.

We are aware that there are plenty of ecommerce platforms on the market such as Prestashop, Shopify, Opencart, etc. Those are the out-of-the-box solutions where merchants can set up and run an online store very quickly. However most of those platforms lack the ability for specific customizations and full flexbility.

Main features:
  • Customization

    The e-shop website can be tailored specifically to your needs and target audience.

  • Modules and themes

    Our system offers variety of pre-configured modules that can be easily added and modified.

  • Inventory managament

    You can add, remove and modify products in a simple dashboard interface. We don't limit you with a number of products you can sell.

  • Site security

    Security mechanisms in place e.g. HTTPS, CORS or external scripts blocking.

  • SEO

    Built for the modern internet and search engines.

  • Support

    Bohemica team is there 24/7 to help you.

Full list of features See it in action

Why to work with us 👨‍💻

Quality in mind

We consider every detail as we know that great digital experience requires OCD attention to detail, so the whole product works as smoothly as it should.

We apply critical thinking throughout the development process - We aim to give reason/maning to everything we ask the ‘why’ question at any stage of the process.

Individual approach

Our dedicated team of professionals are experts in their technical field and can deliver high standard results.

We believe in transparency throughout each and every project, from start to finish. You will receive regular updates from your project manager to let you know the status of your development.

Simple and timeless

Following the current trends in visual and digitsl design but not forgetting tradition and universal design theories (e.g. mathematical ratios (golden ratio, 8pt/px system), theory of colour)

The products we make follow the current market standards in terms of both design and development.

Where to reach us 💬

We are based in:


Prague, Czechia



London, United Kingdom

We work with clients from all around the globe.


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